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March 1, 2024

Message from DocGo CEO on National Employee Appreciation Day

Dear GoGetters,

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day, and while I find myself grateful for the DocGo team’s incredible accomplishments each and every day, I wanted to pause, reflect, and express my gratitude, on this day, for each of you.

My first 100 days as CEO at DocGo has given me a much deeper appreciation for the incredible energy, passion and commitment that each individual employee contributes to the success of our company as a whole. DocGo continues to experience strong growth across our key customer segments, and this is thanks to the unparalleled dedication of our entire team. Our team, now over 8,000 strong (!), is very much a single unit. Our close collaboration helps make each other, and our collective efforts, stronger.

We have accomplished incredible things in 2023. Our team performed nearly one million patient interactions, including 600,000 medical transports across the US and the UK. We more than doubled our clinical capabilities, adding diabetic retinal eye exams, colon cancer and breast cancer screenings and additional procedures that we facilitate in the comfort of patients’ homes on behalf of major national insurance providers. We performed over 50,000 depression screenings and built a behavioral health competency. We diverted over 54,000 patients from unnecessary emergency department visits, saving our healthcare partners and their patients an estimated $167 million dollars in 2023, while freeing up emergency room staff to focus on patients who truly need acute care.

We are engaged in the pursuit of perfection.  This is no easy task, but the results speak for themselves.  With your efforts, we are realizing our mission to bring high-quality, highly accessible care to all.  We are helping keep people out of the hospital.  We are democratizing healthcare.

We started the year with an ambitious ‘More in 2024’ manifesto, and I’m gratified to see you embrace this as we work together to make this year our best yet.  As I shared at the end of our earnings call on Wednesday evening, I am inspired to witness the empathy, professionalism and expert care you provide to each of our patients. I am endlessly grateful for your extraordinary efforts and am proud to be leading a company that’s helping transform how healthcare is being delivered for the good.

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and the best business building ideas often come from those most closely engaged in the day-to-day work. If you have thoughts on how we can expand our clinical offerings, optimize our customer experience, improve our operations and service delivery, build company morale, or help turbocharge our growth, e-mail me at, and I would be glad to help champion the best ideas.

I look forward to seeing you in the office, in the field, in future town halls, and I always welcome your feedback.  Feel free to reach out via email at any time.

With gratitude and appreciation,


Lee Bienstock, CEO