Where telehealth providers stop,
we go. Where the homebound benefit from onsite treatment, we go. where long waits in busy emergency rooms do more harm than good, we go. and when all reason says it can’t be done, we do what we always do, we go.

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Telehealth is great, but it’s created gaps between physicians and patients. We close those gaps with a human touch. At DocGo, our team puts care on the ground for vital procedures, comprehensive evaluations and meaningful diagnostics.

We realize the promise of telehealth by delivering mobile health, reaching patients where they live, and going the last mile to connect care through a more human experience.

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We are frontline, ready to go with a team of trained cmas, emts, paramedics, lpns, and rns. in homes. At offices. Wherever the need arises.

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Trained Frontline Workers

US States and in the UK

With over 3 million patient interactions, we’ve shown what the future of healthcare looks like. The DocGo model is designed to make sure more people get the treatments and diagnoses they need, fast. All while delivering greater satisfaction and significantly lower costs.